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Question date: 04/13/2013Money discussion
For many people, just hearing or thinking the word "money" or "finances" causes an instant emotional reaction - for the most part fear or anxiety. There are very few other aspects of life that cause so much concern. It is true that some people have more anxiety about their health or about relationships or other aspects of life. This discussion is for those who are struggling with issues around money and finances. For the most part we live in a world where money has become a symbol for the right to live. Many of us cannot contemplate living without a home, growing our own food or seeking it in the wild, or living without transport or modern conveniences. For many of us money seems an absolute requirement for survival and, indeed, money is the most common form of exchange for what we need and want. Most of us do not barter or trade. We use money to exchange and acquire what we need and want. On the surface, this seems to make money a powerful force or object - something to respect, envy or fear. But money is not a force or power; it is a symbol, an abstract idea. Although a dollar bill can be exchanged at a grocery store for food, a dollar bill has no intrinsic value whatsoever; it is a piece of paper. It has only the value and power that we give it by common consensus. On its own, it is meaningless - it has no attributes of good, bad, right or wrong. All of its meaning is created in our minds. Most human beings, particularly in the western world, we have accepted money as the means of survival. We have completely accepted the idea that without money, we cannot live. But there is much more to it than that; money has come to mean things about us. How much we have, how easy it is for us to get, how easily we spend it how much we earn, all determine whether we are worthy, unworthy, greedy, selfish, careless, or mean. Vast portions of our identity are derived from our relationship with money. What we learned about money in our families has influenced our lives in so many ways. We learned that money was hard to get, that it causes problems with people, that it was bad to have too much, bad to have too little, bad to spend too much, bad to spend too little. The rules and opinions and judgments were numerous. As we begin to see, the subject is a very loaded subject and hard to talk about plainly and openly. There is so much meaning attached to money. Our goal is to free ourselves from all this emotional baggage around money and see it for what it really is. Money has become the receptacle for all our projections about ourselves because it symbolizes our right to live, our right to survive. It has become the focus of all of our conflicts around our right to be, to express ourselves, and to live freely. Let us start by truly understanding what money is. It is, plainly and simply, a means of exchange, a substitute for items and services of value. We receive money if we sell, if we provide a service, if somebody chooses to give us money in order to enhance our life. We give money when we want a service or an item or when we want to share the life-enhancing power of money. It is really simply a manner of exchange. The complexity of money comes when we try to set a value for what we offer or for what we want. Some people receive much more for their work than others. Some people receive much more for their work than others. Two people, doing what appears to be the same thing, may receive very different amounts. We see clearly that value varies widely, but this has nothing to do with money itself. Money is completely independent of the setting of value. The setting of value is complex and rich and beyond the scope of any simple discussion. But our first task is to strip money of its emotional content, to come to understand how it is simply a symbol and manner of exchange. It has no independent power of its own - only that which is given to it. Next, we must consider the origin and nature of the vast differences in value. How do we understand how some people receive higher amounts than other from the same apparent effort? It is obvious when we look at it, that value does not seem to follow obvious concrete principles; there is more to it than meets the eye. Here is the key to the emotional conflicts we experience around money because we do not understand how value is determined. We project our own insecurities and anxieties and decide it is because we are not good enough, not worthy, unlucky or whatever our particular type of anxiety. And so we must find the true meaning and origin of value. It is time to look to our metaphysical roots for some kind of understanding. What we understand is that each and every one of us is on a journey of realizing our true nature. We are becoming authentic. We are freeing ourselves from the limiting beliefs and ideas and becoming freer in our expression of our own unique selves. We know that our true nature is universal; we are all one in the universal source. We all exist within that creative power. There is no separation between us or it. The fundamental power of the universe is love. We are beings of light, of energy, of love in action. The physical world is an effect of consciousness. What we experience with our five senses is the product of the one mind expressing through us. There is no power in the world of effect - all power is derived from cause. Cause is the universal, the infinite, the creator, the divine. As humans, our journey is to wake up to our divine and infinite nature. Due to the circumstances of our development, we created identities that limit our understanding of who we are. That restricts our expression of our true nature, and keeps us focused on the world of effect. Every one of us experiences our limitations, our own unique set of circumstances in varied combinations and degrees. Some of us experience our limitations in the area of health, some of us in relationships, and some of us have limited thinking in relation to finances. Our ability to set value and to attract the kind of energy exchange intrinsic in wealth is completely a product of our own beliefs, ideas and identity. There is no outside power, outside rule or formula for setting value. There are no right and wrong or good and bad way to be with money. We are completely, totally responsible for our energy in this area. It is not a question of developing good ideas or beliefs about money, about attributing more to money than there is; it is about letting go of all our ideas about money. To the degree that we value ourselves, that is, to the degree that we accept, acknowledge and are grateful for what we truly have and what we truly are, our relationship with value will change. Value is a form of energy. It is a reflection of flow. The more love flows the more value there is. Value is not always represented by flows of money, but it is certainly represented by having needs met and freedom of expression. One can live a very rich life with very little money or a very poor life with piles of it. Do not equate money with the flow of value. The exchange can take place in many different ways. The confusion between flow of value and money creates many problems. When we see that money problems appear to dominate our lives and cause us struggle, we have chosen to express our limitations and disapproval and dislike of ourselves in this area. We are not victims of some external circumstance. We are choosing to wake ourselves up, to force ourselves to look at how we treat ourselves through this particular aspect. Ask yourself over and over again, "What am I demonstrating about myself? What am I proving to the world and myself about me? What do I believe this means about me? What am I trying to heal, to wake up to, to let go of? Now how can I accept, forgive, and bring compassion to this wound"? Be grateful for what you have, grateful that you are waking up and learning the true meaning of our difficulties and know that they are well within your power to resolve. Remember who you are. In truth, there is no such thing as lack or poverty.


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