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I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for visiting this website. I sincerely believe that you will find something in here that will take you forward on your journey, whatever that looks like. That I should be involved in a process like this is still a surprise to me because of how fast things have unfolded. However, I am also aware, through the feedback I have received from friends, clients and others, that what is contained in this website is important and will be useful to many people who are on the path of transformation and spiritual growth.

I want to present some background to the discovery of the process used to produce the material that appears in this book. It is difficult to choose a time where to begin, for I am sure it is a gradually unfolding development, with sudden peaks and troughs, much like the spiritual path in general. I don't remember exactly when my spiritual path became the primary focus for my life - as it is now - but I know I've been interested in the idea that there was more to us humans than met the eye for as long as I can remember. I know that up until the last ten years or so I didn't identify myself as a spiritual person; I would have said that I was interested in personal development and growth and opening to a deeper experience of life.

In 1987 I found myself in a deep depression and almost literally unable to move. With the guidance of friends I began seeing a therapist who had a background in bodywork and psychodrama. And almost immediately a bright new world opened in front of me, the possibility of becoming free of the limits I experienced because of my personality. I threw myself into the world of counseling and psychotherapy, getting numerous qualifications and certificates and finally ending up with an MSW while running a therapeutic community for individuals with mental health diagnoses. This was an important time of growth for me and I expanded my experience of what was possible for me considerably. As the new millennium rolled around I began a second marriage, had a third child, and decided to make a change in career. I started an Internet company and became a technology junkie, working 16 hours a day and leaving my commitment to growth behind. Looking back now I see how dramatically I moved away from my own spiritual needs, telling myself that I had done all the work I needed to and that I was moving on to the next stage of accomplishing some material gains in my life. Sadly, there was a little voice in me the whole time asking me to look at what I was doing and whether it was really taking me where I needed to go, but I kept ignoring it.

In 2003 my good friend Amy, after much effort, finally convinced me to come and play music with her in one of the churches where she regularly performed. I had avoided doing this because my background had led me to stay away from organized religion at all costs. The church was called Woodside at that time, a church of Religious Science in Bellingham, Washington. During the service, I had a strong feeling that I had come home. I had no idea that such a thing as New Thought or metaphysics existed, and I was excited to hear how concepts I had put together over my lifetime were part of a philosophy of life being taught all over the world.

I became a member of the Woodside music ensemble and threw myself into the classes and teachings. Again new vistas and possibilities opened before me and I made deep changes in my life. In 2008 my second marriage ended, no doubt largely because of these changes. By this time I was very committed to my spiritual growth and over the next year I spent a great deal of time and money attending workshops and training in energy work. I was initiated in Kriya Yoga, certified as a Psych-K practitioner, a Reconnective Healer and Ho'oponopono practitioner. For the first time in my life I had a regular spiritual practice that included among other things yoga, meditation and journaling. I was now Music Director at Woodside and spent most of my time on my spiritual development. At one point I was listening to an interview with a woman named Kimberley Marooney who talked to angels and said that anyone could. I had recently finished the Kriya Yoga workshop and initiation and was experiencing some deep meditations so I decided to try asking the angels a question and waiting for a reply. To my surprise I did receive an answer.

I continued this process on and off for a while and got fairly regular results. Around November 2008 I trained in The Reconnection. One of the requirements for becoming a certified practitioner was to be "Reconnected" by a certified practitioner, a two session process. After the first session the woman said she had had an unusual experience while doing the reconnection - she had been visited by a group of archangels who told her to be careful with me because I was one of them. Although I had been "talking" to angels, the truth is that I am somewhat skeptical when it comes to things like channeling and talking to extra-worldly individuals. I did not know what to do with this information. I asked her if she could give me any help on what this actually meant, as I didn't feel anything like an archangel, and I couldn't see how it fit into my life as I knew it. She was unable to help, and as time went on and I asked various people no one had anything very helpful to say.

In my meditations I started thinking of myself as able to get information by asking the archangels, but it was really no different from what I had been doing prior to that. I still wasn't totally convinced that I wasn't just making all this up in my head. Then I met Judy, who happens to be a dowser. Dowsing is an intuitive guidance process that allows her to get answers to questions, and to measure certain qualities in people, particularly around emotional issues, but in other areas as well. She was very interested in my process and thought that I should pursue it and find out more about it. Her interest and recognition of it as a valid idea spurred me on.

One night we were having dinner in a nice Italian restaurant, and I asked her to dowse my connection with a higher power while I "connected" and asked a question. When I was done she said there had been a definite change in me. That seemed to indicate that something was definitely happening. Then, with no conscious awareness on my part, the words "I have something to say" came out of my mouth. I was surprised, and then I began to have a sort of a fit. I was breathing hard and felt all kinds of intense bodily sensations. She said it looked like I was having a heart attack. I then started talking, except it wasn't me as I know me, the words were coming with no control from me. That “I” said it was available to answer questions, that we should talk to it every day and then proceeded to answer some questions from Judy. After that was done I had another one of those 'fits' and then I felt I was more like myself.

Needless to say this was a pretty momentous experience and I struggled a bit to integrate this idea. Not long after that we were out to dinner again and I tried it again and the same thing happened. It was clear that something was really happening that was new in my experience. Since then we have had a session almost every day. I am happy to say that the 'fits' stopped after the first few sessions. Judy and I each get an individual message for the day, there is sometimes a public message and maybe a message for the two of us, and often we ask a couple of questions. Judy often asks questions about her clients and information will come that she will say later was accurate and helpful, even though I don't know anything about these people. We document all the information that comes this way; it is becoming quite a voluminous work. Our intention is to make it available to the world.

One of the important questions for us was about the accuracy of the archangel idea. The answer was that I was connecting with a deeper awareness within myself, a part of me more connected to the universal mind. This is an ability that is becoming more and more common in humanity, and will soon be a normal source of information for all of us. So there is no Archangel involved; there is no separate entity, although sometimes we refer to it as something separate because it somehow just seems easier.

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