You Can Transform Yourself Instantly If You Will Dwell In The Truth – Morning Meditation, Jan 6, 2016

If you will simply put your faith in the truth of the one power, the one consciousness, you will simply know with all of your being that that is true and there is nothing that you, as an individual identity, have to do to support that – that in fact, if you will put all your faith and trust in that one power, that one source, your identity will become obsolete and your life will become one of spontaneity and creativity, power and beauty.  No matter what thoughts you are thinking, what ideas you are believing, what your identity is telling you, no matter what any of that, the undeniable, the incorruptible truth is that in this moment that consciousness, that one power, is alive and active within you with infinite possibility and potential to create in any moment.  There is a world of richness and beauty, wonder and awe within you, around you, right now.  Miracles are happening right now.

You do not have to achieve anything.  You do not have to reach a standard.  You do not have to become something or somebody.  If you will simply put your faith and trust in what is real, it doesn’t matter when you do it.  It doesn’t matter how or why.  It only matters that within yourself you agree to surrender your ideas of separation, your belief in duality and control – that you dwell in the truth and deny the illusion, give it no power, and insist and proclaim the truth.

You do not need years of schooling and meditation practice to do that, but all your knowledge and practice brings you to the point where you can do it right now.  Although it is a simple truth, it is not always easy.  Your fear of giving up control and your identity is always deeper than we think.  We do not have to be stopped by it, though.  We need to be willing to see it and face it and let it go.

So it is a simple choice we struggle to make.  But if this is our intention – that we should be free, that we be a full expression of all that is possible within us –  if this is where we live, if we dwell in our commitment to this intention, nothing can stop us.  There is no power against us.  There is only our own fear.  As deep and as entrenched as that may seem, it is not insurmountable.

We have not been in a position to appreciate how ingenious and clever we have been in creating our identity.  It has all kinds of arguments, rationalizations and reasons why we should not trust or surrender, and it knows just how to capture our attention.  We must be clear, crystal clear, that what is not love is not peace, what is not freedom is not real.  Even though we can see no other option at the time, we must still proclaim the falseness of the illusion no matter how real it seems.  We must state the truth no matter how distant it may seem.

Being in the full state of resistance is not the time to deny the truth.  There is no time to deny the truth.  And so how do we do it?  How do we stay focused?  When we affirm the truth, and we say, I know that despite appearances, circumstances and situations that surround me, I know there is only consciousness and all that I see is an effect of consciousness.  There is no cause in the realm of circumstances and situations.  And though I may not feel at peace, I may not feel connected, I may feel separate, alone, and I may feel that duality is absolutely real, but that is not true no matter how much it seems to be.  It cannot possibly be real.  The only thing that can truly be real is the perfection of this moment.  And if this moment is perfect, I am perfect.  Everything is perfect.  If everything is perfect I can relax and know that there is nothing that I need to do to make this moment perfect.  It already is.  I simply need to allow it to be my own experience.

The problem for so many of us is that we don’t take the time in the depth of our resistance, in the stress of our circumstances, we don’t stop and tell ourselves the truth.  We perpetuate and affirm our separation and our duality until we are so stressed that we can’t stop, we won’t stop.  So we continue the cycle.

It is not hopeless.  There is no need for despair.  We simply need to come back to reminding ourselves of the truth.  We all have ways of being reminded powerfully of what is true.  For some it is music.  For some it is the written word.  For some it is the spoken word.  For some it is beauty in art and nature.  Whatever, we have, each one of us, something that connects us.

It is our task to remain firm in our commitment to only allowing the truth to be our reality, whether we feel connected or not.  To find those ways of staying connected, those powerful reminders for us; to take the time to correct our thinking.  For our energy can be transformed in a moment: hearing the right music, hearing the right words, seeing the beauty, can change our experience in an instant. There is no power against us.  There is nothing wrong with us.  Consciousness is alive and at work within us, fully and completely.  Beauty and richness are our true nature.  They cannot be distorted, corrupted or tainted.  That is the single truth of who we are.

We must tell ourselves the truth as opposed to all the lies and illusions we have told ourselves.  We must have respect for our identity.  We have put much effort into it and it does what we wanted it to do extremely well.  Now we must take over telling the truth.  We must take our power away from the identity.  We must not give it power anymore.  For it has no power on its own – only that which we give it.

Let go now.  Dwell in the peace of knowing the truth, knowing that despite anything that appears to be less than perfect, no such thing is possible.  You do not have some difficult journey to become perfect.  You already are.  You cannot make yourself any more perfect, but you can allow yourself to experience your divine perfection.  Its already true.  Its already there.  Its already here right now.

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