Which House Are You Going To Live In? – Morning Meditation, Jan 4, 2016

Imagine this.  Imagine you had two homes.  One in a place that you loved to be where life seemed magical and free, where beauty and creativity abounded, where you knew without a doubt you were living the life you were meant to live.  Then you had another house where you had lived most of your life.  One that was full of responsibilities and obligations, one which seemed like hard work to keep living in.  The one that you knew – really – that you did not have to live in.  You knew at any time you were free to go and live in the other house.  Some sense of what people would think of you, what people would be let down, what responsibilities you might not meet or duties you might not perform, keeps you tied to that house.

Is that not the way we live?  We know that our life is capable to magic, creativity, beauty and richness.  We know that we can be free.  But the one thing we can’t bear to give up is our identity and our control.  To go back to the analogy of the two houses, perhaps living in the house that is full of obligations and responsibilities is a place we are well-known and well thought of.  When we go to the other house we are nobody.  Perhaps that is our biggest fear: to be nobody.  But we know, we have met people who have given up the identity at the risk of being nobody and we see very clearly that they are not nobody.  They are rich in their life, they are loving, kind, gentle, creative, wise.  And yet, we cling to being somebody.  We cling to our ideas and beliefs.  We are determined to be somebody in whatever shape that may look to our minds, whatever form that takes.

Our idea of who we are was all that we had to cling to when we were overwhelmed, frightened – when everything seemed so out of control.  The only thing we had was our idea that we were somebody, and with the use of our mind and our willpower we could be somebody.  Now to let that go seems impossible.  Yet we know that is what we want.  Every time we taste that freedom, that richness, creativity, power, freedom, peace, we know that is what we want.  We may not be conscious of how we are trying to make ourselves into that instead of letting go.  We are trying to make ourselves into something, into spiritual people, into creative people, into beautiful people.  That is what we want to be.  The only way we know how to be it is to make ourselves like that.  But we never can, because we are already like that.  All those qualities are already true about us.  But they are masked, colored, suppressed, and denied by our attempts to make our somebody into that someone.  It is surprising how much power, how much energy goes into trying to create that someone instead of letting go and letting that someone emerge just as it is.  How much energy are you using right now for resistance, for blocking, holding on?  How much of your power right now is being used to create and hold onto an identity?

In this moment, stop wasting that power and energy.  Stop clinging to the idea that you can make yourself into someone.  You already are nothing but potential and possibility, the full creative power of the one consciousness behind you, giving you life, supporting you.  That is the simple truth about you.

We must remind ourselves we do not have to figure this all out.  We do not have to know how to do everything.  It is not up to us to create ourselves.  That work is already done by a much greater power than our minds can conceive.  Let yourself go to the place where you are free.  You don’t have to come up with all the answers now.  You don’t have to solve every problem now.  There is a greater power at work, a greater intelligence, a greater wisdom.  Take the load off your shoulders.  You have lived by will and belief.  It is exhausting.  There is no danger in letting go.  There is no threat.  You are not letting go of reality.  You are entering reality.

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