Our Life Is An Expression Of Our Choice – Morning Meditation, Jan 29, 2016

In this moment there is a force alive within you, an energy that is flowing, creating, activating – it is giving you life.  This energy, this force expects nothing, demands nothing – it’s given freely.  It is not just energy.  It is also intelligence.  It is never withheld, never limited, never given in favor or held in disfavor.  It makes no judgments.  It is freely available to you right now.  The miracle of being human is that we can make conscious use of this energy, this creative power – and we do in every moment.  For the most part we use it to control ourselves.  We use this vital force against ourselves to diminish our own experience of it.  It is as if we were thirsty and given water and splashed it all over the ground.

There is no shortage of this energy.   It is not limited in any way.  It cannot run out.  No one person has earned more than another.  There is no entitlement.  Consider how you are using this vital force in this moment.  Are you controlling it?  Are you using it to hold yourself tightly?  Are you using it to punish yourself?  Are you using it for excessive mental activity?  Or are you allowing it to be freely expressed without interference from your mind and your belief systems?

This power, this force contains all the intelligence of the universe – all of it: infinite intelligence, infinite potential.  There is nothing that it cannot do – nothing.  Because of that infinite potential it is the source of infinite possibility.  There is nothing it cannot do.  It is only limited by our own belief, our own allowing.

We use it to create suffering and misery.  It is alive within you, though.  All of its potential, all of its power, all of its intelligence is here right now – right now.  Not in the future, not in the past, not when you’re good enough, not when you’ve earned it, not when you’re lucky.  Its here right now.  With our development, with our conscious mind, our self-awareness, our ability to imagine and create, we have used this power in many ways.  Our ability to imagine things that aren’t true in the moment is both a powerful creative tool and a most offensive weapon against ourselves.  We think in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, and end up punishing ourselves.  We think things should be a certain way and when they’re not, we use that as a reason to judge, mostly ourselves.

What we don’t seem to see very often is that anything can change in an instant.  Your life, your world, is created anew in this moment right now.  Everything can change right now.  But apparently we don’t want it to because we do not allow it to.  Apparantetly we are actually more comfortable with the way it is despite our unhappiness, our struggle, the limitations we experience.  Apparently we prefer comfort and security, believing that we are in control.  Apparently we don’t really want what we say we want because we are creating what we really want right now – right in this moment.  Our life is an expression of our choice, our use of the creative power and law available to us.  It is easy to see what we want – just look around, look at yourself.  This is not a call to judge yourself or find fault or failure, this is an opportunity to become aware of what you are really using the power for, what, at some level, is what you are seeking.

It is impossible for the mind to comprehend that we are creating our own struggle and difficulty, that we are giving up all the possibilities of health, prosperity, fulfillment, creative opportunity, spontaneous loving.  Why would we give up such a thing?  It must be being withheld from us.  The mind refuses to believe it.  And we trust the mind, we believe it and put our faith in it.  It has been our savior.  The mind equates the free expression of our authentic selves with a threat to our survival.  To the mind we cannot live freely and survive.  We cannot be free, we cannot express ourselves and live.  This is the lesson we learned: life, the spontaneous flow of this power expressed through us in infinitely creative ways, is a threat to our life, a threat to our survival.

There is no fault in this, no blame, no failure, no weakness – there is nothing to judge.  We are waking up.  We are coming to terms and acknowledging our misuse of our power.  It was perfectly reasonable that we would put our faith in control.  We wanted to survive and it seemed that was the only way.  Whether it was or not is irrelevant.  It seemed the only way.

Now, in this moment, we acknowledge that the free expression of who we are scares us.  There is fear and that is why we choose the comfort and safety of control, holding, limiting.  We do not have to judge ourselves or punish ourselves for this.  We can be understanding and compassionate, sympathetic, gentle, and kind with ourselves.  We can let ourselves soften, relax some of the control, let go of the holding, enjoy some freedom, some peace.  We can allow ourselves to stop all the ways we have been distracting ourselves – just stop and let that intelligent and divine power be what it is……… let it heal, let it bring peace, let it bring love.

Just allow it.  Stop blocking it.  It is always real.  It is always here.  It is always perfect.  If we would put our faith and trust in it one hundred percent, our lives would be a miracle.  This is what we all want.  This is what we are all looking for.  It is not lost.  It is real right now.  Let that which is the source of your very life, the intelligence, the power that gives you life, be what you are.  There is no separation, no part where you end and it begins.  For there is only It, always.  There is nothing else.  Give in to that.  Let it be.

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