When we see evil as a power – Morning meditation, Dec. 17 2013

When we see evil as a power, we feel like we are fighting to remember the truth but are being opposed.  We feel that a force overtakes us.  We have become victims and we are identified with our egos, our thoughts, and our identity.  We are trying to reestablish control because we feel threatened.  We believe there is something wrong, that something needs to change, or something needs to be fixed.  What is wrong with us in this moment?  What is imperfect?  Our mind tells us that we are not surrendered enough, we are not this or that.  It produces a list of things that need to be fixed so we can surrender.  But the answer is not to work with what is wrong to overcome resistance.  The answer is to remember what is true in this moment and to deny the reality of any appearance of anything other than God.

The mind insists on control.  It wants to be in charge.  It wants to limit and contain our experience.  It wants us to behave.  Our spirit forever seeks expansion, expression, evolution, and freedom.  Our mind opposes this.  It frightens us.  It tells us that this urge within us is dangerous and we must shut it down.  So the battle rages in our body.  The natural impulse of life is seeking full expression and freedom to be, but the mind is instilling fear, demanding control, and insisting that there is something wrong that can only can be taken care of by the mind.  But we are not victims of our minds.  We are the choosers of what to fill our minds with.  We have the power to affirm and assert the truth, to remember that all is well.

Our mind is not the source of truth.  Our mind is a tool.  Our mind is not power.  Our thoughts are not real.  What will you proclaim in this moment: that there is something wrong or that God is real?  What will you live in this moment: the truth or the fear?  This is your choice right now.  If there is fear in you it will be replaced by love if you will stop and trust.  You, as your identity, as your ego, cannot control anything.  You are simply distracting yourself from the truth.  Your idea that there is something wrong that you can fix is a distraction.  Everything is already perfect.  There is nothing you can do except to choose to know it.  There is an intelligence and wisdom, a love, and a power within you that is infinite, enduring, and not overcome in any way by anything.  But if you choose the path of your mind, the path of your thoughts, then you cannot experience this truth.  You are then locked in the jail of your own identity.

The door is open.  Surrendering is a choice.  What you pay attention to is a choice.  What we fill our minds with is a choice.  We do not need to do anything to make the world perfect.  It already is.  We do not need to do anything to make ourselves perfect.  We already are.  It is only our insistence that there is something wrong that makes it seem so.  But it is false.  It is illusion.  It is imagination.  When you refuse to go along with the mind’s fear and denial of beauty, the love and light is here right now.  There is nothing that you have to do to create this power, this light.  It is alive within you this very moment.  It has never been extinguished.  It cannot be.  There can be no other truth about you.  What will you choose in this moment: the truth or darkness, love or fear?  You really do have that choice right now.

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