Encountering challenges – Morning meditation, Dec. 16 2013

When circumstances in our life are presenting challenges that clearly require us to grow and expand, our first response is often to try to deal with these challenges in ways that are already familiar and comfortable; to do things that we already know how to do.  But when we are committed to growth and open to the idea of surrender, the challenges we encounter are not easily dealt with in our old ways.  In truth, we search our minds and our customary beliefs and ideas for a way to make sense of what is happening, but we cannot make it fit.  A state of confusion arises.  We feel we are out of our depth and feel all kinds of feelings: inadequacy, failure, or despair.

The underlying cause of this confusion is that we are looking in the wrong place for the answers.  The answer does not lie in our old forms of control, our learned behaviors, our conditioning; these are what we are trying to give up.  The answer lies in surrender – giving in – to the true intelligence and power, and being guided that way.  Our journey demands that we trust more and more.  It is a journey of unfolding, of becoming.  Doing things the same old way becomes an impediment, becomes uncomfortable and brings constant challenge to that way of being.

And so we must remind ourselves, on a moment–to-moment basis, of the truth.  We cannot let our mind be occupied by thoughts of duality, of inadequacy, of failure, of any belief that there is anything wrong or bad.  When we do not know the answer we have to trust.  We must give the question to the intelligence and power within us that is infinite – that is the only truth in every moment.  That is our way; that is our path.  Though it may be difficult in the midst of confusion to remember the truth, that is our task in this moment – right now: to align our thoughts and mind with ideas of the truth, with our understanding of the one power, the unity of existence, the eternal and infinite presence of God and love, the substance of life, the source of all existence.  We do not exist outside of love, or beside it, or in opposition to it – there is no such thing.  It is up to us to bring our minds into harmony and alignment with the truth.  Then our path is clear, our journey is peaceful, our hearts will open and we will experience the beauty and the love that is here right now.  That is the only reality.

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