Drop all illusions – Morning meditation, Dec. 18 2013

Now is the time to drop all illusions –the idea that there are any problems, that there is anything wrong – anything at all. There is a state of being within you right now that knows only perfection, peace, joy, and love.  That is the truly authentic state of being.  The only thing stopping you from experiencing that state of being right now is your insistence that there is something wrong, there is something not good enough, there is something to be afraid of, something to worry about – whatever kinds of thoughts fill your mind in this moment to obscure your experience of the truth.  Just as clouds do not actually stop the sun from shining, our thoughts do not stop the light within us.  Our mind simply clouds the view and makes it seem like there is darkness.  But the light is already there right now.  You cannot find it with your mind.  You cannot think it into existence – it already exists.  It’s already burning brightly.  It’s already the source of your existence, the very basis of your being.

You are in charge of your thoughts, what fills your mind, what you pay attention to.  Now is the time to align your mind with the truth and remember that thoughts – paying attention to the mind – is like seeing only the clouds even if the light is shining on you.   For the light is shining all the time.  Thoughts are one kind of experience and the truth is another kind.  They are not the same.  Experience of the truth is revealed when we become quiet, when we soothe the mind, soothe ourselves, allow ourselves to know that everything is okay.  There is nothing wrong in this moment.  Nothing needs the attention of our mind.  We can relax – that’s all there is to do.  It is time to leave behind the distractions of the mind.  Allow the light to rush in, allow what is already real to come into your consciousness.  Simply let go and say yes to the undeniable, unchangeable, unavoidable truth, the only reality.  Wake up from the dream of separation, from the dream of struggle.  The full, creative, loving presence is in us right now.  There is nothing missing.

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