A state of emergency – Morning meditation, Dec 19, 2013

Most of us have times when we feel like there is an energy or a force insisting that something is wrong, and this makes it difficult to think thoughts of truth because the mind immediately runs to what is wrong.  Our body will not relax; our mind will not stop.  This is survival mode.  It is our physical body preparing for emergency.  When there is a threat to our lives this is an appropriate response.  But what has evoked it in this moment?  We may be conscious of what we perceive as a threat:  financial issues, health issues or relationship issues.  But in reality, are they a threat to our survival?  It is more likely that the emergency our physical body is responding to is within us.  Our natural desire for freedom of expression – to be free and to live fully, to express ourselves with liberty – that natural desire is triggering the state of emergency.

Our mind and our unconscious processes have become conditioned to perceive our free expression as a threat – as indeed they seemed in our younger years, when events or circumstances seemed to be placing extreme limits on us.  It is natural that a desire to break through those limits – to break through any limits to our freedom – will arise within us, causing our minds to create a state of fear and from that look to the outside world for the source of this fear.  So we must find a way to soothe the fears, to move out of the state of emergency, to recognize the reality of the moment, so that we can become creative again.

We must acknowledge our fear: a conditioned response to the presence of life within us, of expressing ourselves in whatever way we choose in any given moment.

We must become the soothing and nurturing parent to the frustrated and frightened child.  For we have been in the role of the controlling and judgmental parent which has been our most automatic response to this free child.  As we acknowledge the fear, we can then bring the compassion and empathy that changes our energy completely.  For then we are available to this moment, to what is truly real.  And then we can see there is no emergency.

The energy and presence of life is still alive within us.  We can remember that that energy, that force, is the living expression of the one universal source.  Our journey is one of unfolding.  We are not trapped.  We are not stuck.  We are not blocked.  Below all the stories, ideas and fears is the truth, unchanged and unchanging, always true, always the source of our being, always giving us life, always seeking expansion and expression, never missing, never compromised, giving us life right now.

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