Moving From Fear to Trust – Morning Meditation, Jan 3, 2016

The goal of this meditation is to help us move from a state of fear to a state of trust. As we have discussed, fear is the basis of all our ways of being that are not authentic. Each one of us is unique and individual with our own set of experiences and history, our own set of strengths, skills and talents, and no one journey is like any other. But the basis of the problem of not feeling free in peace and love is the same for everyone. It is the basis for our feelings of separation, a feeling that we are alone and on our own, that we are different and separate. It is the basis for our creation and trust and faith in the identity which has no reality at all. It is the basis of our belief in duality, in our need for judgment. This fear is so pervasive that we aren’t even aware of it. Most of us are completely unconscious of any fear but we know it’s there because we don’t feel peace, we don’t feel deep unconditional love for life. We don’t feel free to express ourselves just as we choose. So the task we have set ourselves with our practice, with our study, our affirmations, prayers and reminders, is to move back to a state of trusting and allowing ourselves to be exactly what we are.

One of the chronic conditions of fear is tension. We hold ourselves tightly and block awareness of feelings. This is a form of control. So our first task is to relax, to stop holding. It may seem we have no control over it and that it is happening to us without any way for us to stop it. We feel chronic tension somewhere in the body that does not let go or we may be unaware of any tension. We must understand and acknowledge that it is us, our fear, that creates that tension. We must become conscious of how we are living and holding ourselves, how we are adapting, how we are protecting ourselves, how we are denying or suppressing our free expression. Our attention must be focused on our experience, not on our minds, not on our thoughts, but what is really happening in this moment. Am I tense? Am I relaxed? Do I have tension, blocks or holding? Do I feel peace and energy flowing? What is really happening in me right now? Not what am I thinking – but what am I experiencing?

By the very act of becoming conscious of what we are experiencing, we begin to deepen our experience. If we are lucky we perceive the fear. But we may not be so lucky. We may only perceive discomfort or tension, holding, blocks or any variety of experiences. As we keep focusing our attention on our experience, it will begin to relax. As we become aware of what we are holding we can make the choice to let go. We may not always release, but we need not judge or become anxious and decide that something is wrong or that we are not good enough. There is no room for judgment. It is simply becoming present.

With wholehearted attention on what is real in this moment, fear can be dissolved in an instant, our resistance can be dissolved in an instant. With our acceptance of what is, just as it is, with no judgment, we become present to what is truly real, what is permanent, what is unchanging. As we surrender, we will experience more blocks and more fear, more resistance. Our task is to stay focused. We are not doing anything but reminding ourselves to stay focused. Moving from a state of fear to trust and openness, is not an act of doing – it is an act of allowing – of stopping what we were doing and allowing what already is to be revealed. We do not force it, make it, create it, activate it or anything. It is all already true. We are simply stopping our blocking reality from our awareness, which we do by staying focused on what is, what is real right now. This is our task.

When we need to, we remind ourselves of the truth. We remind ourselves that we are just pure consciousness and form and matter are effects of consciousness. That consciousness is one true power. That consciousness is all there is, infinite and eternal. Which means it has no end, no beginning, and no limit. It is all there is. Our lives, our material world, all takes place within consciousness – never outside of consciousness. We are never outside of consciousness, never separate, never alone, never deprived of consciousness.

The power of the universal divine intelligence is expressing as us, the power of love creating life. That is the truth of who we are. Once again, an infinite, eternal, divine intelligence, consciousness, expressing in form, in us, the power of love, creating this energy called life, the life force – that is who we are. That is what is revealed when we stop. We move from fear to truth. Let yourself give in to the truth. Allow the truth to be revealed to you. It is there. It is here now. It is real. It is always here, always alive within you, always giving you life. Say “yes” to it.

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