Let This Voice Guide You – Morning Meditations, June 17, 2017

If you will listen to these words and you will let them be true, if you will not try to analyze them, if you will not try to make some kind of meaning, you will be guided to a deep experience of your authentic self – the truth.  Make up your mind right now if that is what you seek.  The journey begins right here, right now.  No one is rejected.  All are welcome.  The journey begins with the willingness to say “yes”, the willingness to recognize that we are saying “no” when we are saying “no”, and we want to change that to “yes”.

To begin the journey we must stop – we must give up everything we have been trying to do, and come to rest.  We must give up the idea that we can do something, that somehow we are able to control.  We must come to an acceptance of the fact that of ourselves we can do nothing.  The only truth is that there is only one power – we have no power of our own.  We are not the source of our life, at least not the “we” that we think we are.  There is only one source of life.  That one source is universal; it is not particular to the individual.  It is the same source of all life.

The only power that we have exhibited is that of controlling, limiting, denying, dissociating, disconnecting from the truth.  That is not power.  And so we must stop right now trying to do anything.  We may not be conscious of our effort, but if we do not feel the peace of the one power of love, then we must be making some effort against it.  We do not want to become obsessed with our resistance; it is not necessary.  We will just recognize if we are not at peace there is a “no” in us – we are saying “no”.  We will not make meaning of that or find fault with that.  There would be no purpose in this meditation if we didn’t have “no” – there would be no purpose in meditation at all.  We are here right now because we are saying “no”, but let us be clear there is no fault, failure, weakness or inadequacy in that.

It is a miracle that we are waking up, that we are here right now to become conscious of our “no” – to consciously choose “yes”.  It is a miracle of awakening.  If we were awake we would have no need for this meditation.  So we recognize this miracle as much as a struggle it may seem, as intractable as our resistance and our “no” may seem, something is giving way right now.  Energy is transforming always.  The path of unfolding is always leading to greater and greater expansion and freedom.

And so, right now, right here, in this moment, we are becoming more and more conscious, more awake.  The moment we acknowledge our “no”, we change it to “yes” – the energy is transformed.  We do not transform the “no” through will and effort, but through acceptance, recognition and the end of denial.

Because we are steeped in duality, separation, we believe that our “no” is bad.  We must view everything from the lens of the one consciousness, the one source, the one power.  There is no such thing as bad.  There is no such thing as wrong and there is not any such thing as separation from God.  Many of us have been betrayed at such a deep level, we feel we can never trust, we can never open to the idea of trusting again.  We have used our will, our effort, our intellect, and that is where our faith resides.

We must acknowledge that the betrayal was deep, was painful beyond our ability to process.  We cannot blame ourselves for closing the door and deciding that we were on our own.  We cannot find any fault with that whatsoever.  The simple truth is that we are not separate, we are not alone, no matter how much our trauma and pain has caused us to build a wall between ourselves and truth – a wall that is only of the mind.  It is not real.  It exists nowhere.

We are not separate.  We are not alone.  We are not who we think we are no matter how real it seems.  There is this voice, the voice that speaks the truth, the voice that knows that you are not separate, that duality is not true, that there is so much more to you than your physical being, that you are created as an expression of the perfect power and source.  You have the ability to be conscious of who you are.  It is a simple process of awareness.

You are aware right now of many things.  You are aware of this voice right now.  There are many other things you many be aware of right now.  If you will allow yourself to stop making effort, to stop distracting yourself with effort and judgment and just be with awareness, you will soon begin to experience a bigger part of you, a more complete and whole experience of yourself.

The truth is the only thing that is real about you.  No matter how much you may resist, you cannot make the truth untrue – that is simply an idea of the mind.  But it has no reality.  You are not separate.  We try to make ourselves separate but in the end we must fail, for it is impossible. Always in the end we will know the truth, so why wait?  There is nothing to be lost by giving up our efforts to prove we are alone.  We will never win.

This voice is alive within you – the voice of truth.  It calls to you always, calling you back to being authentic, to knowing your true power, to knowing your true self.  Stop fighting.

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